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QuickFITTING Electrical

Our game-changing push fittings are now available for electrical connections. QuickFitting Electrical delivers easy, one-hand use connections for PVC Rigid Schedule 40 and 80 conduits. Our removable, reusable push fitting provides a reliable, dust-tight, watertight, and concrete-tight connection rated for direct burial.

• Fast Push On Installation
• Easy, one hand use
• Removable and Reusable
• Manufactured with UV-resistant PVC


Fast Push-On Installation

QuickFitting Electrical is designed with ease of use in mind. So much in fact, you can easily push to connect with one hand.


As with our other fittings, our patented SlipClip™ removal tool allows for easy removal. Also, our fittings have been tested up to 100 removal cycles, so you can reuse with peace of mind.


Our electrical fittings are manufactured with UV-resistant PVC, which protects against the damaging effects of ultraviolet light and won’t degrade in outdoor environments.

Nothing Gets Through

Our fittings are made to UL, IP66, and NEMA3S standards to be dusttight, watertight, concrete tight, and rated for direct burial. All fittings include locknut and gasket, sealing the installation with a raintight connection to the box.

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