Dangers of High Levels of Lead in Plumbing Applications

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As we learned years ago with lead paint, lead is very dangerous to humans. This danger brought about laws that prohibited the use of lead based paints, and now, there is now a lead law in California that protects us from lead in the water that we use for cooking and consumption as well. While high levels of lead are deadly for humans, even the slightest trace of lead can be very harmful. Unfortunately, many people consume lead each time they take a simple sip of water.


Just one glass of water that contains high levels of lead, or even what was previously considered ‘acceptable’ levels of lead can cause children and adults a wide assortment of health problems. First, lead can cause birth defects. Lead can cause your children to develop other problems after birth as well, such as headaches, hyperactivity, growth problems, hearing problems, learning problems, behavioral problems, brain damage, and nerve damage.

In adults, high levels of lead in plumbing applications that affect our water delivery systems can cause sterility and other reproduction problems in men and women, pain in the joints and muscles, problems with memory, problems focusing, high blood pressure, and nerve problems.

In the cases of children and adults, it took years for doctors to figure out what was causing these problems, but when we discovered that lead based paint was playing a role, we were forced to look at other ways that lead gets into our systems – such as drinking water that comes through lead plumbing applications, or plumbing applications that contain even the slightest levels of lead in their material makeup.

This is why California passed the AB1953 Lead Law in 2006. This law goes into effect on January 1, 2010, and there is no grace period for compliance with the law. While private citizens will not yet be required to change the plumbing applications in their homes or businesses, distributors of plumbing supplies, plumbers, builders, and many manufacturers are affected. Even though private citizens are not required to make changes, most will want to in order to protect their families’ health.

ProBite® makes complying with the AB1953 Lead Law very easy by providing AB1953 compliant lead free brass fittings. These fittings are designed to be easy to install, and installation is as easy as pushing the fitting onto the tubing where it is needed. Because of this ease of use, installation takes just seconds, and it is easy for professionals as well as those who are doing do-it-yourself projects. Get lead out of your life, and out of your drinking water, with ProBite® fittings.