CopperHead® Lead-Free Certifications

CopperHead® fittings are certified up to 250 PSI

CopperHead® Lead-Free Quick Connection pipe fittings are the ideal solution for wet or dry applications.

CopperHead® fittings are certified up to 250 PSI (17.3 BAR) and temperature up to 250°F (121°C), so our pipe fittings can be used to for a wide variety of applications like plumbing, chilled beam, irrigation, heating, fan coil, and solar heating to name just a few. CopperHead® push-to-connect fittings easily connect to copper, PEX and CPVC pipe and tubing without the mess and extra tools required by traditional plumbing connection methods.

CopperHead® Testing & Approvals:

  • cUPC
  • ASSE1061
  • ANSI/NSF61
  • Lead Law Compliant
  • Certified Clorimide Resistant Seals
  • Dezincification Resistant (No Zinc Content)
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CopperHead® fittings, approved for in-wall (no access) and in-ground plumbing, is backed by a 75-Year warranty, so you can buy with confidence.

Key Advantages:

Superior thermal properties, excellent chemical resistance, solid copper body, recognized brand, value priced. All CopperHead® copper products are 100% dezincification resistant.

CopperHead® 99.97% copper push fittings contain no lead or zinc and no arsenic additives, making it naturally lead law compliant and not subject to dezincification. Copper is well known for its strength and superior heat transfer properties in plumbing applications. Copper is also recognized as a premium material of construction by plumbing professionals. In a recent blind study, 8 out of 10 professional plumbers selected our copper push fit technology when presented with a choice of plastic, brass or copper.

CopperHead® is the clear alternative to any competitive product in the market today.

Technical Data

Pressure Rating ………. 250 PSI (17.3 BAR)
Temperature Rating ………. 250°F (121°C)
Resistances ………. Dezincification Resistant and Clorimide Resistant Seals
O-Ring Seal ………. EPDM70
Grip Ring ………. Non-intrusive (not in the fluid path) proprietary Stainless Steel
Approved Applications ………. Plumbing, Heating, Irrigation, Underground, Hydronic Heating, Chilled Beam, Fan Coil, Solar Heating, Behind Walls without Access Panels

Materials And Specifications:

No. Component Material
1 Body Copper
2 Grip Ring Stainless Steel
3 O-Ring Spacer Nylon 6-6
4 Seat Ring Nylon 6-6
5 Push Ring POM
6 Spacer Gland Nylon 6-6
7 O-Ring Seal EPDM70
Copperhead Straight Coupling