Quick Connect Ball Valves

1/2″ and 3/4″ Full Flow, Push Connect Ball Valves! (Patent Pending)

Forged in high-quality Brass, our integrated (Patent Pending) push ball valves install in seconds with no glues, solder or compression. Our line of Copro Ball Valves are built to last and carry our exclusive 25-Year warranty.

Install our valves and you’ll notice the Copro difference in our quick sealing, innovative design, high quality finsih and full flow porting for no reduction in flow. Removable, repairable and reusable!

1/2″ Push X 3/8″ Comp. Chrome Plated Stop Valves (Patent Pending)

Whether you require a straight or angle turn 1/4 turn stop valve, Copro has the valve for you! Simply push to connect and instantly create a permanent watertight seal on hot or cold water, heating systems or industrial applications. Compare our patent pending valve technology. Great for any potable water application, including tight or hard-to-reach places.

1/2″ Push X 3/8″ Comp. Chrome Plated “Quick Release” Stop Valves (Patent Pending)

Copro’s patent pending stop valve technology makes it simple to connect or disconnect our integrated push to connect technology in any application. GREAT for remodeling! For example, when replacing vanity, you    can relieve the water    pressure, simply cut your soldered connection off,    replace the vanity, clean    the surface of the Copper, PEX, CPVC, then push on our stop valve for a permanent seal.

NEW COPRO Quick Connect Products

Just when you thought COPRO quick connection fittings couldn’t get any easier – they did! Quick connect Stop Valves and quick connect, full port, ball valves, available in 3/4″ and 1/2,” will allow you to quickly connect a stop valve without soldering. Some other fittings which will soon be available are freeze-out valves, quick connect flow valves, and quick connection fittings up to 4 inches!

Copro Push-to-Connect Pipe Fittings