AB1953 Compliant Brass Fittings

If you are a builder, a distributor of plumbing fittings, or a company that sells or manufacturers plumbing fittings that will be used for the delivery of potable water, the AB1953 Lead Law affects you.

You absolutely must be in compliance with this law or face extremely stiff penalties including fines up to $6000 for everyday that you are not in compliance. This law even affects you if you are doing repairs around your own home that include any type of plumbing that has an impact on your drinking water.

High-Quality Brands of Lead-Free Pipe Fittings

AB 1953 Compliance

In order to reduce leakage into water we use to drink and cook, the AB1953 Lead Law, adopted by California and Vermont, went into effect on January 1, 2010. Maryland has also considered adopting it. Aside from compliance with the law, there are many reasons to use AB1953 compliant brass plumbing fittings.

The first is that AB 1953 compliant brass plumbing products, such as those provided by Quick Fitting®™ is the overall health of the general public. Lead causes hearing problems, growth deficiencies, learning problems, brain damage, nervous system problems, and headaches in children, and adults experience nerve disorders, memory problems, problems focusing, joint pain, muscle pain, high blood pressure, and reproductive problems.

All of these health problems can come about simply by drinking water or cooking with water that is not being delivered through a lead free system. The use of AB1953 compliant brass plumbing fixtures protects our health, and for many, will actually improve our health.

The second benefit is the benefit to the environment. As we replace fittings that are seeping lead into the environment, we are actually protecting, improving, and saving the world that we live in. AB1953 compliant brass plumbing fittings do not contain any lead.

The third reason to use AB1953 compliant plumbing fittings is that if you purchase superior fittings, such as those offered by Quick Fitting®™ brands Copro Pure® and ProBite®™, you will find that the fittings are easy to install and that they are actually of higher quality than the types of fittings that are currently used.

AB1953 Brass Fittings

Copro Pure® and ProBite®™ lead-free brass fittings comply with AB1953 laws. In addition to their compliance, the lead-free & copper family of products are safer to prior conventional methods, while providing you with products that are superior to any other products that are now in use for plumbing.

AB1953 is currently only applicable in California and Vermont.