Fast, easy installation.
No soldering, gluing, or crimping
Installs wet or dry
Removable and reusable
No Zinc
No Arsenic Additive
Patented Technology

75-year warranty
Connect copper, PEX & CPVC
For Plumbing, Heating, and Irrigation
Push to connect for the perfect connection everytime!
Locjaw Connect
Locjaw Fitting

  • U.S.A. Fastening Technology
  • Patented Dual Seal. 200% more sealing surface
  • Pateneted low force insertion technology
  • Patent pending removable release collar
  • Patent pending tamper-resistant connection
  • Patent pending high-force collapsable retainer
  • Removable, reusable snap-on release
  • Lead-free, dezincification resistant brass
  • Packaged in the U.S.A.
  • Assembled and quality tested in the U.S.A.

Push Fit Comparison**

NO   Patented Technology arrow right YES
NO   Highest Pressure Testing arrow right YES
NO   Highest Tensile Testing arrow right YES
NO   Patented Dual O-Ring arrow right YES
NO   Tamper Resistant Design arrow right YES
NO   Removable Snap-on Release arrow right YES
NO   Patented Low Insertion arrow right YES
NO   U.S. Fastening Technology arrow right YES
NO   Assembled In The U.S.A. arrow right YES
?   Packaged In The U.S.A. arrow right YES
YES arrow left Higher Wholesale Price   NO

**SharkBite® is a registered trademark of Reliance Worldwide Corporation; the mark is used for comparative purposes. Test results were achieved using 3/4″ brass couplings in both brands.

Patented Dual Seal Design
Delivers superior sealing performance, as well as longer primary seal life due to the secondary seal protection.

Patented Low Insertion Force Technology
Delivers an instant connection at lower insertion forces for a fast, easy, reliable connection every time.

Patent Pending Tamper Resistant Technology
Removable and reusable integrated release to create a tamper resistant push fit application.

Patent & Patent Pending Push Fit Design
Quite simply, the highest performing push fitting we have ever tested.

Lead Law Compliant Brass
Our proprietary lead-free premium brass is tested and approved to be dezincification resistant and U.S. lead law compliant.

Proprietary U.S. Made Fastening Technology
Locjaw® outperforms every other push fit product we’ve tested in both pressure and tensile force testing. No other push fit product can compare.

100% Quality Control Inspection
Each and every Locjaw® fitting receives a 22 point quality inspection to ensure every fitting meets our superior manufacturing standards.

Tested and Approved High Performance Seals and Plastics
Locjaw® is tested and approved for in-wall no access and underground burial. In addition to extensive in-house testing, Locjaw® is tested and listed by IAPMO.