AB1953 Compliant Push to Connect Products

You wouldn’t want to put a non-AB1953 compliant fitting in your home would you?

There’s a high chance that your plumbing in your home or business is not compliant with the ab1953 no-lead law, which requires that all fittings require a total weight of .25 or less of lead per fitting. If you are not aware of the new law you may be using plumbing products in your home or business which may cause a number of serious health problems. According to studies, exposure to low concentrations of lead can result in serious ailments, including learning impairment in infants and reduced IQ. Unlike some other chronic diseases, 100% of lead poisoning is caused by avoidable environmental contaminants.

lead free push connect hoses

AB1953 Compliance Plumbing Products

It’s essential to bring your plumbing on par new plumbing standards to prevent any severe health tribulations and to be sure your customers or family is in safe hands from lead leakage. What type of message would you want to give to your customers in this new age of green products?  Would you want to enlighten them the products you are selling to them are not AB1953 Compliant? Would you want your family to be in contact with non-compliant faucet connectors or valves?  Most likely the answer to the above questions would be a big “NO”. Converting your system to a new green, compliant system is easier than you may think, and providing safe products to your customer is also easier since everyone is now looking for safe, environment friendly alternatives to existing products.

Convert Existing Plumbing with ProBite® No-Lead Fittings

Using ProBite® to convert your plumbing system is literally a snap.  If you can cut a pipe, clean the end, and push, you’re done!  There are multiple sizes and types of couplings, valves, repair couplings, and quick connect hose connectors to make it easy to find the right product for your project.

Offer a Green Plumbing Product that is compliant

In this ever-changing world of green products and technologically advancing market, plumbing is certainly a point of interest for a lot of businesses and consumers to improve.  Offering a product like ProBite® gives a competitive advantage since it’s both environmentally friendly and easy to install.