CopperHead® – Lead Free

CopperHead® Pure Copper Fittings

Award winning push connect plumbing technology approved for use with Copper, PEX, or CPVC.

CopperHead® Lead Free Fittings raise the bar for push connect plumbing technology. In addition to their easy push-to-connect installation, they offer a dual seal which allows for higher pressure range than other push connect fittings.

lead free push connect plumbing

No Lead!

Did you know many brass push fittings that claim to meet the U.S. Lead Law Standard for brass plumbing products still contain lead? CopperHead® fittings are totally lead-free, containing absolutely NO lead

Lead Law Compliant

CopperHead® is a completely NO LEAD line of push connect fittings and are tested and approved to the strict U.S. National Lead law standards.