Compare Copperhead® Lead-Free Pipe Fittings

Copperhead® Pure Copper Lead Free Fittings

No Glue, No Flames…It’s as fast and easy as 1,2,3!!

Developed by the innovators at QuickFitting Inc.®, Copperhead® represents the latest innovation in push to connect technology. The patented design creates an instant connection in a few seconds with increased performance and sealing properties over conventional push-fit technology.

CopperHead® raises the industry bar for push connect plumbing technology. In addition to its easy push-to-connect installation, CopperHead® offers a dual seal design, which allows for higher pressure ranges and better pressure performance over competitive push fittings.

In addition to it’s superior sealing performance, the CopperHead® patented seal design incorporates 100% more sealing surface than single seal designs. By design, the outer seal also protects the inner seal from degradation through the lifetime of the connection.

Trust CopperHead® for professional quality and superior performance that delivers peace-of-mind backed by the industry’s best warranty…75-years.

Why Choose Copperhead® Pure Copper Lead Free Fittings
Over The Alternatives?

Copperhead® Product “S”
Push Connect System YES NO
Removable YES NO
Reusable YES NO
100% Lead Free YES NO
100% Repairable YES NO
Quick Connect YES NO
Dual Seal YES NO
Connect to Copper, CPVC, or Pex YES NO
Quick & Easy Installation YES NO
No Soldering Required YES NO
No Crimping or Clamping YES NO
75 Year Warranty YES NO