Product Design

Award-winning products

product design

Our award-winning products are designed to be easy-to-install and assembled in seconds without the use of glues, soldering, paste or wrenches. Quick Fitting® products are designed to be used for a versatile, wide variety of applications including irrigation, industrial, commercial applications as well as solar power, chill beam, fan coils and more.

Our products are designed to reduce the time, money and stress of plumbing repairs and installations. Our products are also backed by the longest lasting warranty in the industury — 75 years! We’re confident that our premium quality fittings and valves will exceed your expectations.

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Quick Fitting® Product Features and Benefits


  • Full, unrestricted flow
  • Removable and Reusable
  • Forged durable body
  • Repairable Seals
  • Push-to-Connect Fittings
  • Extensively Tested
  • NSF 61, ASSE 1061, UPC, IPC, ASTM, IGC-188 Approved


  • No Glues, Soldering, Paste or Wrenches
  • No Damage to Tube or Piping
  • Assembles in Seconds
  • Connects to Copper, CPVC & PEX

Versatile Applications

  • Manufacturing, Municipal, Residential and Commercial Applications
  • Potable Water
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Treated Water
  • Breathable Air
  • Condensers