ProBite® – Lead Free

The patented Quick Fitting® technologies offer a full-range of high-quality plumbing fittings and valves that are quick and easy to install.

ProBite® Lead-Free Plumbing Solutions

Environmentally-friendly, easy-to-connect, durable and backed by the industry’s best warranty.

Quick Fitting® exceeds industry standards, offering a complete range of ProBite® Lead-Free plumbing fittings and valves. Our premium green line of ProBite® Lead-Free push-to-connect fittings are environmentally-friendly, easy-to-connect, durable and backed by the industry’s best warranty.

Whether it’s for industrial, commercial, or residential applications, ProBite®’s permanent quick connection plumbing fittings are perfect for repairs, remodeling, restoration, and new construction. Our plumbing technology is simply the easiest and cost efficient solution for pipe installation.

ProBite Lead Free Solutions

Why Use ProBite® Lead-Free Fittings?

ProBite® Lead-Free is a quick and easy solution for a leak-free plumbing repair or new installation.

  • ProBite® Lead-Free fittings and valves are full flow (No inserts)
  • Full range of ProBite® Lead-Free fittings, valves and stops
  • ProBite® Lead-Free fittings and valves are priced up to 45% less then competition
  • The ProBite® Lead-Free line is designed with professional grade, low lead brass
  • Connection is heat free which reduces the risk of fire hazards
  • Connection will always be clean and professional, as you will never need glue, flux or solder
  • Connects copper with copper, CPVC and PEX lines, allowing you to join various types of piping with a single fitting or valve
  • No damage to pipe ends upon installation and removal
  • Installs in seconds, 12 times faster than soldering
  • ProBite® Lead-Free fittings and valves are removable and reusable
  • ProBite® Lead-Free fittings are repositionable
  • ProBite® ® Lead-Free sealing O-rings are replaceable
  • Fittings are designed to operate at temperatures ranging from 0° to 250°F
  • ProBite® Lead-Free products are tested by IAPMO to 200 PSI, and has a separation force exceeding 600 lbs
  • ProBite® Lead-Free products carry the industries best warranty – 75 YEARS!