Quickfitting Inc. Sponsors FIMRC

Quickfitting Inc. is a proud sponsor of Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children, a global non-profit organization.

FIMRC is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization dedicated to improving pediatric and maternal health in the developing world through the implementation of innovative and self-sustainable health improvement programs. Through its network of outpatient clinics and partnerships, FIMRC asserts a multidimensional strategy that includes clinical services, extensive community outreach efforts and health education programs. FIMRC is a self-sustainable organization with project related funding provided from business operations – the Global Health Volunteer Program engages approximately 700 individuals annually who volunteer their time abroad and make a contribution in exchange for the experience FIMRC provides. Over 90% of FIMRC’s revenue is derived from our volunteer program. FIMRC was founded in 2002, is incorporated in Washington, DC and headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. The FIMRC team includes over 3,000 dedicated staff and volunteers worldwide who provide the leadership and support necessary to achieve our mission of improving access to health care for children in underserved communities.

Our Vision: A world in which all children have an equal opportunity to benefit from modern medicine. Our Mission:To provide access to medical care for the millions of underprivileged and medically underserved children around the world.

We strive to accomplish our mission through the following efforts:

  1. Fundraising for the construction of pediatric clinics in areas currently lacking a reliable source for healthcare. FIMRC’s foremost goal is to establish in underserved areas a facility that can serve as a center for healthcare administration to the children in that community, and as a base for our health education programs that serve to improve basic knowledge about the normal functioning body and about common diseases endemic to the area. Prior to the construction of a clinic, FIMRC mandates that a member of our Project Development Team visit the proposed site and conduct a population survey and health assessment. Follow-up visits subsequent to project initiation are also required to ensure proper use of our resources, and ultimately to monitor the clinic’s success. As continuity of care is a priority, a charting system exists in each clinic and serves to document the care each child receives over time. FIMRC’s methodology of preserving wellness is rooted in a commitment to combining incentive programs for parents and children with access to acute care and preventive measures.
  2. Directly influence the health of children by encouraging and supporting individuals and groups who desire to travel to medically underserved areas of the world. FIMRC believes that better health is best achieved by direct care to those who can least access it. FIMRC organizes trips for volunteers to our clinics on an ongoing basis in an effort to supplement the care being delivered by local professionals. Medical volunteers work together to do physicals and deliver acute care as necessary. Non-medical volunteers assist with translating, administration, and a variety of other tasks. By inspiring others to become involved in global health, FIMRC aspires to broaden the level of impact in the communities we serve. To learn more about FIMRC’s Global Health Volunteer Program, please click here.
  3. Encourage future health leaders to become involved in our purpose by recognizing their achievements. We encourage students to start a FIMRC chapter and participate in local community service activities as well as visit a FIMRC clinic so that they may experience firsthand the goal of healthier children worldwide – the end result of FIMRC’s vision. Through determination and the belief that all children deserve health, FIMRC declares itself as a major force in the delivery of healthcare worldwide – one clinic and one child at a time.”