Why Choose Quick Fitting™?

The Clear Choice for Your Business

Is your push to connect business at a competitive disadvantage to a big box retailer?

Them Quick Fitting®™ Technology
25-year warranty 75-year warranty
$8.30+ retail price $5.95 retail price
Installed stiffeners Individually packed stiffeners
Big box branded Hardware channel partne
Plastic o-ring protector Solid Brass o-ring protector
Limited display options 2D & 3D display options
Limited selection to 1” Push selection through 2”
Standard boxes Quick Stock bin boxes
2-year valve warranty 5-year valve warranty

When a consumer or professional contractor chooses to purchase Quick Fitting®™ technology from your business, they can be confident they’ll receive competitive pricing, high-quality push to connect products, the industry’s best warranty and a compelling supply solution from your business!

Better Value

Quick Fitting®™ provides innovative, repairable quick connection fittings, valves, stops, PEX and accessories for Copper, CPVC, PEX, heating, compressed air, inert gas and fluid
applications. Quick Fitting®™’s push technology offers significant benefits over conventional and
competitive alternatives. Our fittings are easily installed, reused or even repaired. Quick Fitting®™
manufactures a broad selection of push connect products in copper, brass and lead-free compliant

  • Industries broadest line offering including stops, valves, relief, kits and tools
  • Quick Fitting®™ manufacturers our push products in Brass, Copper, Chrome plated and Stainless Steel
    fittings, valves and controls
  • Competitive list and dealer pricing programs for higher profitability
  • Full line of fittings, Stops and Ball Valves
  • Effective wholesale and retail packaging solutions
  • Impressive merchandizing and display programs
  • Quick Fitting®&trade is a leading supplier of push to connect stop valve
  • Our industry leading 75-Year warranty VS. as little as one year on competitive products
  • Extensive assortment of literature targeted at educating the potential consumer
  • Push connect technology for Stainless Steel tubing
  • Quick stocking and packaging solutions including sleeved quick stock bin boxes
  • Fast, trouble free shipments across the U.S. and Canada
  • Low order minimums for free freight
  • Approved for in-wall, above and below ground applications
  • Premium quality fittings, valves, stops and couplings
  • Zero percent product failure
  • Proven merchandizing programs

Why Choose Quick Fitting®™ Technology?

  • Lower list prices means competitive street pricing to big box alternatives
  • Great WOW factor for your retail or wholesale application
  • No harmful chemicals used in the manufacture of our fittings
  • Our Brass fittings are forged, not made from inexpensive castings
  • Our fittings are full flow, with no restrictions
  • Our fittings are removable and reusable
  • Available in both Quick Release® and tamper resistant designs
  • U.S. and foreign patents pending
  • Patent pending repairable valves
  • Premium quality, integrated stops and valves
  • Quick Fitting®™ products carry the industries best (75-year) warranty
  • 100% quality and performance testing. No product failure since the release of our products.
  • Tested and certified to the industry’s toughest standards