Push Connect Tools & Accessories

Quick Fitting® Tubing Cutters

Quick Fitting® offers several premium tubing cutters designed to provide smooth, straight tubing cuts.

Quick Fitting® Inner/Outer Reamer

Effortlessly remove burrs and jagged edges using Quick Fitting®’s inner/outer tube reamer

Quick Fitting® Ratchet Tubing Cutter

Quick Fitting®’s ratchet cutter employs a ratcheting arm to multiply the force required to cut PEX and Poly tubing.

Quick Fitting® Removal Clips

Use Quick Fitting®’s removal clips to snap on to their respective tubing size
and then apply pressure to the fitting release ring.

Kits & Assemblies

Quick Fitting® offers a wide variety of installation, contractor and irrigation starter kits that provide professionals and DIY users with an assortment of commonly used fittings in plumbing, heating and irrigation.