Technical Resources

The ProBite™ Fitting Advantage

  • Premium pure copper design with full flow technology
  • ProBite™ costs up to 45% less than competitor products
  • Backed by the industry’s longest warranty
  • ProBite™ utilizes an integrated gland to provide consistent, even pressure against the sealing o-ring regardless of the fluid temperature
  • ProBite™ has been designed to incorporate close manufacturing tolerances, which improves its connection strength, rigidity and overall performance
ProBite™ provides a premium quality quick connection fitting that provides significant advantages over conventional technology, at an affordable price.

Technical Data

Pressure Rating Tested and certified to 200 PSI (13.79 BAR)
Temperature Rating 200° F (93°C)
Applications Plumbing, potable water, heating, irrigation, solar, inert gasses and fluids
Testing & Certifications UPC, cUPC, ASSE1061, ANSI/NSF61, IPC, AnnexG (see specific product)
Low Lead Brass Material UN 36,500 Low Lead Brass
Lead-free Brass Material Meets AB1953 Safe Water Act
Propriety Sealing Technology Peroxide cured EPDM
Grip Ring Non-intrusive (not in the fluid path) proprietary Stainless Steel
Separation Force Separation force varies by the size of the tubing being used. As an example, ¾ fittings achieve pull test force above 700lbs on Copper tubing.