Why Use ProBite™ Lead-Free Fittings?

ProBite™ Lead-Free Fittings offer a premium value over competitive alternatives. Our products are the fast, easy, permanent alternative for leak-free plumbing of copper, pex or CPVC.
  • No Zinc
  • No Lead
  • No Arsenic
  • No Plastic Inserts In Fluid Path

Superior Performance & Easy To Install

The national average for professional plumbing is estimated at $65.00 per hour. Many areas such as New York and California are significantly higher and often charge travel time. At $65.00 per hour, the current cost of soldered pipe installation is approximately $13.55 per foot. ProBite™ fittings install in less than 1/12th of the time required by conventional soldering and are much easier to install. ProBite™ is also the ONLY brand of fitting with a 75-year warranty.

With ProBite™ fittings, you get professional grade quality, easy and quick installation, and the industry’s longest warranty. Why use anything else?

What Are the Benefits of ProBite™ Push-to-Connect Pipe Fittings?

ProBite™ fittings are designed to be incredibly fast and simple to install. Unlike alternative pipe connection systems, ProBite™ fittings do not require any special skills or special tools. Installation takes seconds with simple push-to-connect technology. ProBite™ fittings are reusable, manufactured with a repairable O-ring seal.

  • Easy, Fast Installation
  • Resuable & Repairable
  • Can Be Used for Wet or Dry Installations
  • Affordable
  • Backed by 75-Year Warranty