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Advantages of COPRO® Over Sweat Copper

  • No flame, no fire-watch, easy and safe access to tight spaces, no torch, no propane tanks, no flux, no solder, no fire extinguishers, no fire permits, no fire insurance claims, no noxious fumes, reduced flushing time.
  • Union connection at every joint. Changes easily made by using fitting removal tool to remove pipe. This is not possible with sweat fittings or other push-fit systems.
  • Same pressure drop as sweat copper fittings.
  • COPRO® reduces man-hours significantly over sweat and crimp systems.
  • No “twist-and-pull” action needed to make connection, unlike other push-fit systems. One less thing to remember means a safer and more reliable connection.


  • Homes, apartments, schools and colleges, hospitals and medical centers, high-rise buildings and hotels, commercial and office buildings.
  • Potable water, domestic hot water, chilled water, condenser water, hydronic heating, cooling water, service water and treated water.

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  • 200 PSI at 180° working pressure
  • COPRO® fittings are tested to 900 PSI, which gives a safety factor of over 4 to 1.
  • Consult factory for higher temperatures or pressures.


  • Body: Forged brass
  • O-ring: Pre-lubed EPDM
  • Gripping Teeth: 316 Stainless Steel



  • Insertion depth
  • ½” pipe = 1 1/16″ depth
  • ¾” pipe = 1 3/16″ depth

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