COPRO Quick Connect Applications

The patented COPRO® push-to-connect piping system may often be imitated with unparalleled quality. COPRO® offers a full range of ready-to-install products and fluid distribution solutions. On top of all of a quality product, Quick Fitting®’s products are backed by world-class customer support, training, consultation services, help lines and on-site assistance.


COPRO® push-to-connect fitting system can be utilized by copper, CPVC, or PEX tube for your choice of piping. Applications are versatile and include homes, schools, medical facilities, high rise buildings and commercial buildings. COPRO® Fittings are great for potable, domestic hot, chilled, condenser, hydronic heating, cooling, service and treated water. Also they can be used on domestic cold and hot water systems.

Quick Fitting® Compression Crimping Glued Soldered Threaded
Push to Connect YES NO NO YES NO NO
Reposition Able YES YES NO NO NO YES
Repairable YES YES NO NO NO NO
Quick Connect YES NO NO NO NO NO
Connect Water-filled Pipe YES YES NO NO NO NO
Simple to Use YES NO NO NO NO NO

The COPRO® push-fit requires minimal knowledge of pipe fitting to complete a leak-free repair or new installation. In fact, users should have the ability to use a hand pipe cutter, clean the pipe end, then slide to connect. No Sweat! It’s that simple! Click here to See how easy it is to install the COPRO® Quick Connect Piping.

Quick Connection to Copper Pipes

COPRO® quick connect fittings are compatible with all copper pipe. Just clean the end of the pipe, and connect the fitting to create a secure connection with your copper pipe. Millions of homes are plumbed with copper water-supply lines. The pipes and fittings are “sweated” together with solder, which is melted with a gas torch. There are well known dangers of working with an open flame and it takes experience to make the hot solder spread uniformly so the sweated joint doesn’t leak. And any moisture in the pipe will prevent a watertight seal. All of the risk is virtually eliminated with the use of COPRO quick connection fittings. COPRO is a great alternative to soldering when a leak occurs somewhere along a run of pipe. Simply cut away the damaged pipe and use a quick connect repair coupling for a quick 10 minute fix!

Quickly Connect to CPVC

Common problem: A homeowner needs to replace a small section of copper piping (hot water pipe) and prefer not to have to use copper since it would mean that I would also have to then learn how to properly solder the pieces together. I desire to use CPVC (or some other material similar to it) since it looks easy enough to work with, but how do I join the CPVC to the copper?

As you can see many people have not received proper training on how to properly solder pipe. With COPRO you can quickly connect CPVC without gluing or soldering. In the case above you could simply connect CPVC and copper using one fitting! COPRO fittings provide a secure leak-free connection without any effort. Just clean the ends of the CPVC and push to connect your pipe.

Easily Connect to PEX Tubing

Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) is a high-temperature, flexible plastic (polymer) pipe. The cross-linking raises the thermal stability of the material under load. Thus, the resistance to environmental stress cracking, creep, and slow crack growth are greatly improved over polyethylene.

PEX pipe is approved for potable hot and cold water plumbing systems and hot water hydronic heating systems in all model plumbing and mechanical codes across the U.S. and Canada. PEX piping systems are durable, provide security for safe drinking water, and use reliable connections and fittings. In addition to domestic water supply systems, PEX tubing can be used for floor or wall radiant heating, and snow and ice melting systems in sidewalks and driveways. PEX tubing is light weight and can withstand operating temperatures of up to 200° F. It is flexible and can easily be bent around corners and obstacles, and through floor systems.

PEX tubing combined with COPRO quick connect fittings can create a secure connection without any crimping. Just use the pex insert on the end of the PEX tube and push to connect the tube with a COPRO fitting. PEX tube and quick connect fittings are both growing at a rapid pace due to quick installation and lower labor costs.