Compare Copro Quick Connect Fittings

There are huge differences between COPRO quick connect (push to connect) fittings and other brands. Unlike the competition, COPRO offers high flow and repairable technology. The product “S” fitting is not repairable and is sold with plastic inserts that could potentially restrict flow or create fluid turbulence.

Full Flow Quick Connect Plumbing Fittings

COPRO quick connection fittings offer full flow fittings with no loose plastic pieces. Impossible to remove with your hands! Because COPRO’s removal rings are not attached to the fitting and it’s nearly impossible to remove a COPRO fitting without a tool. We believe that leaves you with a tamper free, long lasting fitting.

Easily Repairable, Re-usable Fittings

COPRO quick connection fittings are completely repairable. Our simple repairing system allows you to make repairs to a fitting without throwing it away! Why choose a disposable fitting when you can have the worlds only push to connect repairable fitting for about the same price? quick connect plumbing brands

Benefits of Repairable Fittings

What’s the big difference?

COPRO fittings are completely repairable, mechanically sealed fittings with threaded retaining caps. Only one tool is needed to dismantle the various sizes, which are NOT permanently sealed. Copro push to connect fittings may be used on Copper, CPVC, and PEX. Use one fitting for various applications and plumbing alternatives. No need to solder, throw away damaged fittings, buy extra tools, or deal with components you can’t inspect or repair. When you compare Copro to its other alternatives, we believe there’s on one real choice– the last fitting you’ll ever buy… COPRO quick connection plumbing fittings.