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The COPRO Pure® Lead-Free Fitting Advantage

  • Premium design with full flow technology
  • Competitive Pricing: Compare ½” X ½” coupling, COPRO Pure® Lead-Free $5.95 – Competitor $8.65
  • Industry’s Best Warranty
  • COPRO Pure® Lead-Free fittings utilize an integrated gland to provide consistent, even pressure against the sealing O-ring regardless of the fluid temperature
  • COPRO Pure® Lead-Free products are designed to incorporate close manufacturing tolerances, which improves their connection strength, rigidity and overall performance

COPRO Pure® Lead-Free fittings provide a premium pure copper design with full flow technology.

Technical Data

Pressure Rating Tested and certified to 200 PSI (13.79 BAR)
Temperature Rating 200° F (93°C)
Applications Plumbing, potable water, heating, irrigation, solar, inert gasses and fluids
Testing & Certifications UPC, cUPC, ASSE1061, ANSI/NSF61, IPC, AnnexG (see specific product)
Low Lead Brass Material UN 36,500 Low Lead Brass
Lead-free Brass Material Meets AB1953 Safe Water Act
Propriety Sealing Technology Peroxide cured EPDM
Grip Ring Non-intrusive (not in the fluid path) proprietary Stainless Steel
Separation Force Separation force varies by the size of the tubing being used. As an
example, ¾ fittings achieve pull test force above 900lbs on Copper


o Propriety sealing technology