Quick Fitting: Quick Connect Manufacturer & Supplier

Quick Fitting Inc. is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of quick connection technology that provides a simpler, safer, and a more cost effective solution for connecting Copper, PEX and CPVC piping in plumbing and heating applications. No open flames or sealants needed, just quickly clean the end of the pipe and snap into place; a proven method that requires no special skills.

Our products are a great labor saving tool. Our simple ProBite™ technology makes it easy for the do-it-yourself plumber and plumbing professionals as well, saving the installer 70 – 90% of the installation time over conventional soldering or welding methods. For plumbing professionals, the increased speed offers the ability to complete more jobs in less time, increasing the number of daily service calls and their profitability. In addition, our technology is designed and warranted to last longer than any other conventional method.

Quick Fitting is the clear alternative to any competitive products in the market today. We manufacture a broad selection of innovative push to connect products with a compelling competitive value proposition. In addition to our strengths as a high-quality, world-class manufacturing company, Quick Fitting has consistently developed and delivered on new product innovations. Innovation is in everything we do at Quick Fitting. Perhaps that’s one reason Quick Fitting has been honored twice in 2005 and 2009 by receiving the prestigious Plant Engineering “Product of the Year Award” for our innovations in push connect plumbing technology.

Our push to connect ProBite™ is engineered and manufactured to last longer than any conventional connection technology, which is why we developed the industry’s first ever 75-year warranty.

Our Value Proposition

Quick Fitting provides innovative, repairable quick connection fittings, valves, stops, PEX and accessories for Copper, CPVC, and PEX plumbing, heating, compressed air, inert gas and fluid applications. Quick Fitting’s push technology offers significant benefits over conventional and competitive alternatives. ProBite™ fittings are easily installed, reused or even repaired. Quick Fitting manufactures a broad selection of push connect products in Copper, Brass and Lead-free compliant Brass.

Why Choose Quick Fitting

  • Industries broadest line offering including stops, valves, relief, kits and tools
  • Quick Fitting manufacturers our push products in Brass, Copper, and Chrome plated fittings, valves and controls
  • Competitive list and dealer pricing programs for higher profitability
  • Full line of fittings, Stops and Ball Valves
  • Effective wholesale and retail packaging solutions
  • Impressive merchandizing and display programs
  • Quick Fitting is a leading supplier of push to connect stop valves
  • Our industry leading 75-Year warranty VS. as little as one year on competitive products
  • Extensive assortment of literature targeted at educating the potential consumer
  • Quick stocking and packaging solutions including sleeved quick stock bin boxes
  • Fast, trouble free shipments across the U.S. and Canada
  • Low order minimums for free freight
  • Approved for in-wall, above and below ground applications
  • Premium quality fittings, valves, stops and couplings
  • Zero percent product failure
  • Proven merchandizing programs